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Aluminum Grave Markers

Our Aluminum grave markers are ideal for long term outdoor use in all weather conditions. These grave markers are made with solid aluminum which does not rust even in coastal conditions. Each of our Aluminum grave markers comes with a rod for an upright display. For more about these grave markers see the description below the product options or click on a grave marker of your choice.

10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

Aluminum grave markers feature a polished silver highlights and a powder coat on the non-highlighted parts of the design. Aluminum is light but extremely durable and ideal for all weather conditions. You can rest assured that your aluminum grave markers will last for the long run.

Our aluminum grave markers do not fade over time because of their 3D design, the insignia is carved in to the actual aluminum. All of these aluminum markers come with a 3/8” x 20” rod for a cemetery flag. Using the rod ensures an upright display of the flag and the grave marker.

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