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Flag & Display Cases

Our flag cases are a great way to display a flag of importance. Often times these cases are used as interment flag displays to honor the memory of a loved one who made the ultimate sacrifice to our country. Flag display cases are tailor made to house specific sizes of flags including interment flags and the commonly used 3’x5’ flags. The internment flags measure 5’x9.5’. The flag display cases are also available in several different styles and finishes.

19 Item(s)

19 Item(s)

The flag cases are available in two main finishes. The oak flag case features a light brown finish and the cherry-finish maple flag case features a deep brown traditional look. The maple case is also available with the Great Seal on the front glass for added effect.  Carrot-Top also offers an economical vinyl case with a zipper to keep the flag secure. For best results we recommend using traditional cotton flags. You can also  refer to our flag etiquette page for more information. The flag cases can be bought as individual cases to house interment flags or as a set which includes one of our premium cotton American flags. All our flag cases feature a beveled glass top and a removable back panel. The flag cases can be mounted on a wall or left free standing.

Please Note: Our office will be closed on Monday 5/29/17 in observance of Memorial Day. Email [email protected] with questions and we respond as soon as possible on Tuesday 5/30/17 when we reopen at 8am EST.

Half-Staff Reminder: On Memorial Day, May 29th, display the United States flag at Half Staff from sunrise until noon in honor of the lives lost while serving our country.