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Patrons often identify an organization by their colors or catchy design. Logos are seen, remembered and recalled for future association. Some may even affiliate themselves with your branded design. If your group is lacking a design, Carrot-Top can help, and fast! Our exclusive 3-Step custom process to designing your own unique flag, mat and street banner is a cinch.

Ready to start designing your 3-Step Custom Product? Give us a call at 800.628.FLAG (3524) to talk to a customer service representative. Your customer service agent will go over each step of the custom process in detail to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for! They're also available to send you more swatches, detailed logo and mascot images and more!

Every order receives a proof to be sure your text, colors and mascot are correct!



3 Step Custom Flags

3-Step Custom Flags

Custom 3-Step digital flags are fast becoming our most popular customer choice! These nylon flags feature a versatile state-of-the-art digital press that features vibrant colors and fine detail.

These custom flags are constructed using an extra-tough yet lightweight nylon material. Finished with a canvas header and solid brass grommets. Pole sleeve flag styles are also available upon request.

3-step Custom Flags

Custom 3 Step Mats

3-Step Custom Mats

Custom 3-step mats are crafted from a static-resistant nylon and finished with a premium rubber backing that helps improve traction on your floor surface. Imprint with up to 24 colors! Choose from a smooth or cleated rubber backing based on your location.

All custom 3-step mats are certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute and made by a U.S. Green Building Council Member.

3-Step Custom Mats

Custom Street Banners

3-Step Custom Street Banners

Custom 3-step banners feature a cutting-edge printing technique that employs a state-of-the-art press capable of printing photos, shading and fine detail onto premium, 18 oz. vinyl. Custom banners are perfect for attracting attention on light posts, indoor lobbies and more.

Our custom banners read correctly on both sides and are finished with solid brass grommets and pole sleeves for hanging. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

3-Step Custom Street Banners


Our in-house graphic artist has created our exclusive design styles to fit your every need. The design style specifies the placement of the logo on the flag as well as the text location and style.
3 Step Custom Flags


Choose from our cache of school mascots, Civil Service insignia, sports icons and logos one that best fits your needs. Keep in mind that you can replace any of the colors on our logos with your own to match your business colors, school colors and more!

School Mascots: Choose from our most popular school mascot designs, found exclusively here at Carrot-Top.

Sports Symbols: Custom designed to spotlight various sports, including footall, cheerleading, basketball and more.

Civil Service Symbols: Custom designed to spotlight our Civil service departments, including the Police Department, Fire Department, EMS and more.

Religious Icons: Support your religious establishment with one of our religious icons.


Custom Color MascotsPersonalize the colors of your style and logo choices with out colors listed below! Where you see text on the flag style you choose, you can insert your own! Add your department name, company name, and more while choosing which color you want it displayed in.

Where you see colors on the logo, mascot or icon you chose you can replace them with your own (see example to the right). Choose from our list of popular colors below to match your business logo, department, church and even school colors. More colors are available, please call for details.

Custom Flag Color Options